IISAC’s Journey


Faculty-led Biodiversity studies in Kerala.


Semester India program with Kerala Universities & colleges.


International Institute of Scientific & Academic Collaboration


Go once a year to a place you have never been before!

Discover India!


KIIT University, Odisha

Developing Global Citizens through International Education and Research.

Application Process

Step1: Request for an application package or download a digital application: Email or call IISAC’s official (see contact information page) and place a request for an application form.

Or simply click ‘download application form’ from this web site.

The application package that will be dispatched from our office will contain (a) Program Guide (b) Course Directory (c) Application form and other information. The completed application should be sent to our office in New Jersey with all supporting documents.

Step 2 Examine the program look through the program guide and SIP course directory to determine if the Semester In India program is suitable for you.

Step 3: Contact your study abroad advisor: Discuss with your study abroad advisor beforehand regarding your special course requirements, transferability of credit, financial issues, and any other questions you may have regarding your home institution.

Step 4: Course selection: with reference to the course directory provided, select appropriate core and elective courses. For individualized courses contact IISAC representatives regarding the availability of resources for your specific courses.

Step 5: Apply: Once you are convinced that the semester in India program works for you, your home institution and your academic needs, don’t hesitate Just apply!

Step 6: Admission and Deposit: upon receiving your application, IISAC will review it and upon acceptance send you an admission letter this letter will also include a fees structure a non refundable deposit to secure your registration at KIIT University.

Step 7: Official Enrollment to KIIT University: Once IISAC receives your deposit; it will be forwarded to KIIT University, which will then issue an official enrollment letter. This admission letter is vital in your visa application process, and once received you should begin the Visa application process.

Step 8: Pre-Orientation: The pre-orientation runs up until your departure for India. IISAC officials are available to help you with your passport/visa applications, flight reservations, packing details and all preparations for a safe and healthy trip. IISAC will also issue a pre-orientation handbook with additional information relating to your stay in India.

Step 9: Pre-Travel Preparation: Now is the time to finalize your flight arrangements, begin packing and take part in a final orientation phone call with an IISAC representative to eliminate any questions or concerns you may have.

Step 10: Destination – India: Upon reaching India, an IISAC representative will be waiting at the airport to receive you and introduce you to your fellow SIP participants and begin the orientation process.